About Us

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In ALL Homes, especially African Homes!

We are inspired to put a billion books in African households where there were none or few before, and a small black author-focused library in every home. In South Africa alone, the MAJORITY of people have NO books in their homes at all, and even fewer schools have libraries. But smartphones are common.


We are an African business (based in South Africa, 99% African citizen-owned). We are an Ethical business (no subscriptions, profit caps, fair distribution of shares among workers). We are launching our first product that will change millions of lives, providing a unique set of literature with easy access to African history, heritage and stories to inspire, educate and entertain us all. This is important now more than ever, with many people spending large amounts of time indoors with little or no access to literature. Our high volume, low price business model, marketing focus to spread the message and disrupt the expensive book market in Africa, and ability to pay with airtime are important to our values.


Access to excellent reading materials is scarce, our product is easy, is a once off purchase, and comes with free updates and 5 free books added per month. We have caps on our profits in order to transition into a non-profit organization as soon as we can. We care about our mission: to liberate African reading and minds!


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