Privacy Policy

We  never collect your personally identifiable information, meaning full name, address, email address, or ID or passport number. For promotional purposes, we may ask through our website, for example, if you would like to recommend a friend for a discounted price, but we would only collect first names and phone numbers in such circumstances, never identifiable information. Nor do we track your location or anything like that. We DO NOT give or sell such information on or keep it on a low security server or computer, nor keep hold of it longer than absolutely necessary.


Third parties such as the Google Play Store or PayPal store some of your personal data when you purchase products from them (such as V1 of AfroStory The App), but to our knowledge and in our experience they are trustworthy and keep such information extremely secure, within their organization's vaults, so to speak, and do not pass it on without your permission.


We are here to improve convenient access to literature for those most in need, not to compromise your digital rights and security. You will notice we do not even require you to sign into AfroStory V1. Ethical behavior such as this is central to our Ethical Company Values. Please contact us above with any further queries.

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